About Me

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It’s selfie time… 🙂

I don’t travel to blog and neither do I blog to travel. I travel, therefore I blog…

I am a web content writer, an ex internet marketing professional, currently working as a Learning Developer in Kolkata, India. Born on a rainy day in July, an avid reader and a nature lover, I am a true cancerian by nature. I try to capture Nature’s beauty with my Nikon Coolpix whenever… wherever possible.

In brief:


Zodiac: Cancer

Me in Thimphu Bhutan
In  a lovely morning in Thimphu, Bhutan

Education: BA, MBA

Occupation: Content Developer

Residence: Calcutta, India

Interests: Traveling, Blogging, Storybooks, Sports, Photography, and Painting

Accolades and Appreciation: Received accolades and appreciation for blogging from my blogger friends in the form of Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Versatile Blogger Award nominations. Recent addition to the list is Liebster Award by Gowthama of Creatikaa.


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