Versatile Blogger Award: It feels great to be appreciated

versatile- blogger award, award for blogging, blogger award

versatile- blogger award, award for blogging,  blogger awardI agree with Svetlana that it feels good to be appreciated for whatever you do, especially when you pour your heart into it. So when the nomination for the versatile blogger award came from my blogger friend Svetlana it was a rewarding experience. Please accept my heartiest thanks, Svetlana. When it comes from you who has literally seen the world it means a lot to me.

Read about ‘maverickbird’ Svetlana’s fabulous journeys from South East Asia to Latin America and enjoy a visual treat with vivid photographs of nature, lifestyle and culture of different places across the globe. You can follow her blog at

My second Versatile Blogger Award nomination comes from Vartika who is a techie with an artistic vision. I feel honoured to receive the nomination from a genuinely versatile blogger Vartika. You can follow her reviews (on books, movies and games) as well as interesting writes on life, humour, society and spirituality at     

However, the Versatile Blogger Award has some rules to follow and those are:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know

Seven facts about myself

  1. Honesty, simplicity and decency are some of the virtues I like to see in people.
  2. Painting was my hobby when I was in school. I loved to paint in watercolors. I would like to share one of my school day’s creations here with you – The Tree and The Shepherd Boypainting, watercolor, drawing
  3. Now the hobby of painting has changed to photography.
  4. My New Year resolution has been exercise regularly, but I have hardly exercised in the last one month. 😛
  5. I have gastritis and doctors told me to forget about spicy food but I cannot resist this delicious, sinful thing and often get scolded by my mother for that.
  6. I love nature very much. I always dream of living in a cottage by a riverside with mountains and forest in the backdrop.
  7. I eagerly wish to visit Europe, Canada and Egypt before I die.

The fifteen blogs I find versatile are:

  1. Sunshine and Zephyr by Shweta
  2. Scattered Thoughts by Maniparna
  3. Words by Saru Singhal
  4. Life and its experiments by Ruby Singh
  5. PhoTrablogger by Jithin
  6. The Tea Celebrations by Teny
  7. The Sea and Me by Kiran Acharya
  8. Half a Photograph by Anita
  9. Lifestyle of a Professional by Ankita
  10. Gypsy In Jeans by Divya
  11. A Yearful of Sundays by Ami
  12. I Am by Amrita

Well…here I need to stop because these are the blogs I can recall at the moment. Though I know I need to mention 15 blogs as per the rule. But you know rules are meant to be broken…sometimes… 😉 🙂 Jokes apart, there is always scope for updates later…isn’t it.

So, keep blogging. Keep reading others’ blogs and keep appreciating good works. Thank you! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award: It feels great to be appreciated

  1. That painting is so do beautiful! You did that in school? Wow… you are super super talented girl…
    Thank you once again for nominating me for the award… *hugs*
    Am going to do this soonest!!

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    1. Wow…I think you’ll spoil me with your nice words of compliments :D… 😉 … You’re a literally versatile blogger…You deserve it, Ankita. *Hugs* 🙂


  2. Someone who can write, take pictures and paint with equal panache – I am officially jealous of you.

    You girls are right, it feels great to be appreciated. So, congratulations and thanks in one go.

    Stop eating spices. I did that in a day when my husband suffered from some complicated disease. I threw every spice and never bought it again. Salt, turmeric and garam masala (in very few dishes) is all I use to cook.

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    1. Oh… I am no good writer…rather I envy you whenever I read your blog. 🙂 Your writing is so powerful!

      I don’t eat spicy at home. But street foods are difficult to resist. But things are more in control now. 🙂


  3. Congratulations Moon. 🙂 Wish you many more….

    I kept looking at your painting for a long time. It’s so good! Please start again and brush-up your talent ….I can understand the cause of your reluctance but I think you shall be paying the greatest tribute to your father by nurturing this hobby of yours.


    1. It took me a long time to accept my father’s death. That time I was a bit immature kind of a person emotionally. Now, I know that you are absolutely right. Thank you for your good wishes 🙂

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  4. Congrats and thanks 😀 Btw, I hope that the qualities in the first fact were more present than a few other qualities among people 😉
    And I hope that the painting hobby stays; its so good 🙂


  5. Congrats. It such a beautiful painting. How can a talented artist like you think of giving up?
    As far exercise is concerned, we are in the same boat. 🙂 I’m considering renewing my resolution this month again. 😛
    Thanks for the nomination. Have a great day!

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      1. Actually, my father was my inspiration in this. After his death I never felt like painting the way i used to feel before. But now I don’t find time to paint.

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      2. I am sorry to hear that.
        But look at that painting. Maybe even I can draw, but not like this. Look at The details, the colour, the proportions, the composition, the depth.. not everyone can do those things with so much ease! I would definitely love to see more.


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