Top Beaches in Bali You Need to Visit

padang-padang beach, bali

The island of Bali offers almost every kind of beach you can think of, ranging from the white sand and black sand beaches to rocky volcanic beaches. Whatever you like to do at the beach, there is one here for you. Use the same caution that you would at any beach and be careful when swimming, surfing or enjoying any other activities in or out of the water. The following are some of the top beaches in Bali you need to visit if you have opted for travel package to Bali from India.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and lush tropical vegetation including mangroves, orchids and palm trees. With golden sand dunes and exceptionally clear, blue waters, Nusa Dua beach is a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers. The currents are relatively mild and the waves tend to be low; surfers may want to head to the north or south ends of the beach to catch a wave.

nusa dua, beach, bali
Nusa Dua Beach

Kuta Beach

A little further down the coast near the city of Kuta is Kuta beach. If you’re a surfer, this beach is a must-visit destination with strong currents and high waves. Unfortunately, this also means that this isn’t the ideal spot for swimming. It’s also something of a party spot and Kuta Beach tends to get a bit crowded at times. However, if you enjoy the nightlife, you’ll love the multitude of beach parties, clubs and visiting the Hard Rock Cafe Bali right by the beach.

kuta beach, bali
Kuta Beach, Bali

Sanur Beach

You’ll find this beach by the village of Sanur in the south of the island. It’s a huge beach, running several km along the coast, featuring golden sand. If you’re a shell collector, chances are you’ll find quite a few here and it’s also a great place to swim and snorkel, with mild waves and currents and crystal clear water which allows you to admire the ocean life up close.

sanur beach, bali
Sanur Beach, Bali

Balangan Beach

Located near Uluwatu, Balangan Beach definitely deserves a place on any list of top Bali beaches. The trip to Balangan Beach is a treat in itself, taking you past small villages and beautiful rustic scenery. It’s a small beach and is generally very quiet, perfect if you’re hoping to avoid the crowds. It’s more of a beach for enjoying the sun and the sights than for swimming, since there are high waves and strong currents here, although surfers may want to pay Balangan a visit for that reason.

Balangan Beach, Bali
Balangan Beach, Bali

Padang-Padang Beach

Another Uluwatu area beach, Padang-Padang is a beautiful beach surrounded by a tropical forest (and monkeys). To get there, you’ll need to take a narrow trail and steps down to the beach. Padang-Padang is a rocky beach and also features caves which you can explore at low tide – it’s also a good swimming spot at high tide, but be careful not to step on sea urchins or sharp coral! Padang Padang beach became something of a hot spot for a while thanks to being featured in Eat, Pray, Love, but the crowds have thinned to some extent and it’s still a wonderful beach to visit.

padang-padang beach, bali
Padang-padang Beach, Bali

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is a more obscure destination in the north of the island. It’s a volcanic black sand beach near Mount Agung and is a wonderful place to swim, with low waves and calm waters and very few tourists. There’s also a charming fishing village nearby and thermal hot springs to enjoy. Other than at sunrise, when tourists come to see dolphins, the beach is generally very quiet.

Lovina beach, bali
Lovina Beach, Bali

Dream Beach at Nusa Lembongan

Lembongan is actually a separate island located about 7km off of Bali, but Dream Beach is well worth the trip. This island is still mostly undeveloped and offers natural beaches and a lot of beautiful scenery to explore. Allow yourself a day for Dream Beach, since you’ll want to see the rest of the island once you’ve spent some time at the beach.

Dream beach, Lembongan, bali
Dream Beach, Lembongan, Bali

Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem

20 minutes north of Candidasa, Virgin Beach Bali(also known as Pasir Putih Beach among other names) is a little off the beaten track and rarely crowded by tourists. The beach is located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem. If you’re looking for a quiet day at the beach in Bali, make sure to visit Virgin Beach. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and some water activities are perfect to do in Virgin Beach, Bali.

Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem, bali
Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem, Bali

Amed Beach Karangasem

Amed Beach is well known among divers and snorkelers as one of the best places in Bali, if not the world for diving and watching ocean life. Amed is a small fishing village in the northeast of the island, but has become a significant draw for tourists in search of underwater adventure. Despite its out of the way location, nearly 3 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Amed Beach is well worth the trip. The best way to get to Amed is by hiring a car and driver from a Bali car rental service since there is no public transportation available to this top Bali beach.

Amed Beach Karangasem, bali
Amed Beach Karangasem, Bali

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Sakshi is an avid travel writer, explorer, and overall creative individual. She loves writing about offbeat places and hidden jewels along with capturing beautiful landscapes.

Weekend Trip to the Sundarbans – the Land of Tigers

sundarbans, mangrove forest

It’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything on my blog. Well, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t traveled anywhere. 🙂 I kept my resolution of visiting at least one new place every year. The year 2020 started with a refreshing trip to the Sundarbans, which is a 3-hour journey from Kolkata.

Last year, I went to Nepal and Kodaikanal. In 2018, it was Mayapur ISKON and then Chikmagalur. In 2017, I visited Ooty and Coonoor with my family. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time…rather enthusiasm to blog about those trips as I have become lazy these days.

Anyway, there is no point repenting on what I could do and did not do. Let’s start with our Sundarban trip.

Located on the delta of the confluence of Ganges, Meghna and Bramhaputra rivers, the Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest and the natural habitat of Royal Bengal Tigers. The core area of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve was named the Sundarban National Park in 1984 and it became a Natural World Heritage Site in 1987. Only 40% of this huge mangrove forest lies within India. The rest belongs to Bangladesh.

mangrove forest, sundarban

The main attraction of this trip is the boat safari. It is all about sailing along the rivers and creeks with dense mangrove forest on both sides and being watchful if you can catch a glimpse of the tiger or other wild animals. We spotted crocodiles, wild boars, spotted deer, monitor lizards, eagles, cranes and few other types of birds. It was 2 nights and 3 days conducted tour, which is, perhaps, not enough for exploring the rich flora and fauna of the place. But it’s not very safe either to go deeper into the wilderness.

Well, it’s sheer luck to catch a glimpse of the king of the jungle. And fortune did not favor us this time.

In those three days, we visited Sajnekhali watchtower and Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sudhanyakhali and Dobanki watchtowers. The watchtowers offer a 360-degree view of wide-open forest land and swamps. There are a few sweet water ponds near watchtowers. If you are lucky, you can spot animals that come to drink water.

We took time out to explore the nearby village in the morning on the third and last day of our Sundarban tour and bought some fresh honey from a local village shop.

How to reach:

It’s about a 3-hour journey by car from Kolkata to Godkhali launch jetty. You can also take the train Canning Local from Sealdah and take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to Godkhali. Whether you go by car or by train, finally you have to take a ferry from Godkhali port and cross the river to reach Sundarban. Our tour company arranged an AC Volvo bus. Starting at 8:45 in the morning from Esplanade, Kolkata we reached Godkhali port at around 1 pm.  

Where to stay:

There are a few good resorts in Sundarban. Located on the riverfront, Tiger Roar Resort offers a pleasant stay and good food. We booked two luxury rooms for my family. You can read my detailed review of the accommodation on Tripadvisor.  

Untouched National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, the land where spirituality meets the pristine natural Himalayan beauty. Replete not only with a sense of devotional aura the place is home to some of the most impeccable collection of flora and fauna. The biodiversity of Uttarakhand is so magical that the national parks here are well preserved and maintained to save the habitat. It is also a safe refuge for a number of endangered and rare wildlife species which make this state even more stunning. If you wish to discover the treasures that are housed here then you can visit the following national parks:

Valley of Flowers National Park

This UNESCO world heritage site is nestled peacefully on the lap of the western Himalayan region on an elevation of 3,668 metres above sea level. In order to maintain the sanctity and beauty of this place, it remains open to a limited number of visitor for a very brief period of time each year from June to October. This is the time when the valley blooms to life with colourful flowers, plants and bushes lining every path and till as far as the eyes can see. Once in the Valley of flower, you can view around 300 different species of alpine and high altitude fauna collection like rhododendrons, Himalayan marsh orchid, poppies, sipper orchid, daisies, marigolds and so on. walking through the stunning landscape from your starting point at Ghangaria village to the park will also allow you to have a refreshing experience.

Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda devi National Park, Uttarakhand

Another remarkable UNESCO world heritage site Nanda Devi national park has was established in the year 1982 and is also a wonderful biosphere reserve. The park is surrounded on all sides by big lofty Himalayan peaks, glaciers, and gushing streams which forms the perfect haven for a rich and thriving wildlife. The park is lined with a number of moderate to challenging trekking expeditions and of course all the while you will be accompanied with majestic snow-capped mountain peaks. It is every nature lover’s paradise due to the presence of around more than 312 floral species along with 17 rarely occurring plants and trees of juniper, fir and birch. If lucky you will even get to witness mammals like Himalayan musk deer, Himalayan tahr, brown bear and more. Truly a memorable place to be.

Govind Pashuvihar National Park and Sanctuary

Established in the year 1955 in the district of Uttarkashi this national park is located on the upper reaches of the Garhwal Himalayan region. The terrain here is very diverse here which serves as the perfect home for a variety of wildlife like Sikkim mountain vole, snow leopard, Himalayan tahr, crested porcupine, etc. apart from the rich animal kingdom here, one can also find some of the most stunning and breathtaking landscape of green meadows and snow-capped peaks. It is also home for some amazing collection of high altitude birds like golden eagle, warbler, Himalayan snowcock and even the state bird of Uttarakhand known as monal. Trekking here on the Har Ki Dun valley is an adventurous experience here which is filled with wildflowers.

Gangotri National Park

Located in the district of Uttarkashi and panning out on an area of 2,390 sq. km. this place is famous for being the third largest national park in the world. The entire park allows you to witness the real meaning of majestic coniferous forest cover and lush rolling green meadows. The park offers a treat for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. It is an oasis for witnessing some remarkable wildlife culture here like – ibex, tahr, partridges, pheasants, Himalayan Monal, etc. Staying near one of the several budget hotels around the park allows you to have a closer look at the natural beauty here. Camping here and sleeping under the wide-open skies amongst the blessing of nature is something that can only be experienced there.

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated at a distance of around 30 km from the magnificently spiritual town of Almora, Binsar wildlife sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers and explorers. The sanctuary is nestled in between the pristine beauty of the Kumaon Himalayas and the entire region boasts of enigmatic greenery. You can stay the night in one of the several government houses available here which can be also used as a camp for you to stay and explore the flora and fauna collection here. Established in the year 1988 this protected region is the perfect place to go with your family and loved ones if it is a peaceful adventure time you are looking for.

Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary

deer sanctuary

This stunning deer sanctuary is located at a distance of 54 km from the off-beat location of Pithoragarh. The rare species here are extremely rare but well protected and some of the mammals found here include Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, Himalayan jungle cat, barking deer, etc. Perched on an elevation of 1,600 metres above sea level and panning over an area of 600 sq. km., this place is truly a hamlet for nature lovers and peace seekers as well apart from being a true delight for bird watchers. This is probably one of the most untouched and pristine wildlife sanctuaries here.

This is a guest post by Sakshi:

Sakshi is an avid travel writer, explorer and overall a creative individual. She loves writing about offbeat places and hidden jewels along with capturing beautiful landscapes.

Planning for a Road Trip? Here’s What You Need

road trip, travel tips

Hitting the road this winter? Then here’s what you got to have. Road trips are always fun but at the same time if you don’t know what you should have and should not, your trip can go the other way round too. That’s why we are here to tell you about the top 6 things that you must carry with you when you decide to hit the road, either with your friends or all alone. Here they are:

1. The power inverter adapter

You will need your mobile phone, tablet, and other similar gadgets to help you stay connected with your friends and family. You never know when you will take out your mobile phone to click a picturesque scenery and upload it on your social networking sites. Keep all your gadgets charged with the power inverter adapter. Many brands are providing will good inverter adapter, which you can plug into your car’s socket and charge your devices at just one go.

2. Potable speakers

You must be thinking why in the world you would need a portable speaker when you already have a powerful music system installed in the car. The road trip doesn’t only mean travelling in the car and not taking a halt in between. Of course, you won’t be driving 24 x 7. It’s thoroughly unsafe to do that. So, keep your speakers ready and have a musical night whenever you wish to with these portable speakers. Portable speakers always come in handy and once you buy them and hit the road, then only you will understand why we are putting so much emphasis on buying them. Avail Amazon first-time user offers available on Couponscurry to buy a portable speaker.

3. Phone mount

Phone mount is another useful thing to buy. Phone mount is not just useful for road trips but for any car, journey to be precise. You will need navigation, won’t you? I mean unless you are an encyclopaedia and a direction master, you will need the help of a navigation app to navigate you throughout your journey. So, buy a phone mount for your car. Fix it on the dashboard or on the front windshield and you are good to go.

4. The Swiss army knife

Another must-have gadget for your upcoming road trip is a Swiss army knife. Believe it or not, you need it. A swiss army knife has a lot of useful tools inside it. You get pliers, bottle opener, scissors, screwdriver, knife, toothpick, and more. All of these tools are put inside a small tool to keep you prepared for any circumstances. Carrying a Swiss army knife with you is always a wise decision.

5. LED road flares

We will never want you to face any car breakdown, especially when you are on a road trip. But being precautious is what smarty pants would do. In case your car breaks down in an unknown highway which you hardly know, you can place a bright flashlight on the roof of your car as a sign of emergency and passers-by will understand that you need help. This can save your life. Modern-day flashlights are safer to use. So get one for yourself too.

6. Bluetooth headset

You know how dangerous it is to drive and talk right! But, still, so many of us do that jeopardising our and other passengers’ life. Be responsible and save yourself from any kinds of mishaps. Buy a Bluetooth headset using the Tatacliq flat Rs.500 off for first-time user offer and stay connected with all your loved ones and friends. Your people are waiting for you to be back from your long-awaited trip. The Bluetooth headset device will let you call anyone anytime without diverting your eyes from the starring wheel.

So, these are our top picks for your next road trip. Be ready with all these gadgets and have a wonderful journey. Road trips are meant for fun, don’t let anything stop you from having fun. Just because you have chosen to travel with your friends doesn’t mean you don’t need these items. You still do. Go buy them today and plan for your upcoming road trip.

Fresh Destinations for 2018

seoul, south korea

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This year, let’s resolve to make the most out of our travel dreams and cross countries off our travel bucket list. From gastronomic celebrations and beach getaways to indulging in local culture and venturing out with extreme adventures, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to fresh destinations for 2018 that will reignite your inner wanderlust.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

dubai, dubai sky divingImage via Flickr by pictcorrect

The playground of the rich and famous, Dubai is a melting pot of cultures that thousands of expatriates and tourists each year. Over the years, Dubai has strived to innovate and develop architectural wonders that make it a city full of adventure. Indulge in a luxury stay in Dubai at a downtown hotel that offers easy access to metro stations that link you to major sights and attractions.

View the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and taste local delicacies at the Dubai Desert Safari and Bedouin Camp. Feeling courageous? Fly to your greatest adventure at Skydive Dubai and see the world under your feet.

Osaka, Japan

osaka, japanImage via Flickr by Cal !

Experience the old and new Japan as you stay at one of the beautiful hotels in Osaka. After exploring Japan’s well-preserved historic castles, delight in a flavorful experience in the country that boasts the most Michelin-starred restaurants. In Osaka, you can try out the most epic ramen, the tastiest sushi, or mouth-watering Wagyu beef.

El Paso, Texas, USA

texas, usaImage via Flickr by VisitElPaso

Texas boasts a diverse landscape, and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of action-filled adventure, beaches, and nature. Take a ride along a scenic trail for a breathtaking view of El Paso, Juárez, and surrounding mountains. Remember to book early to get your best rates on El Paso hotels.  Start off your trail at the Franklin Mountains State Park, the largest urban wilderness park in the U.S., and delight in the sunset views from the Wyler Aerial Tramway, which offers a 360-degree view of the canyon.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

florida, usaImage via Flickr by country67

Sleepy town no more, this part of Florida is becoming a popular yet affordable family-friendly destination. Jacksonville is known for its charming neighborhoods and sandy beaches. This city offers a unique atmosphere with a long stretch of uncrowded beaches, food truck fare, craft beer, and a thriving art scene that draws more and more visitors each year. You’ll also find plenty of Jacksonville hotels that offer great value.

Seoul, South Korea

seoul, south koreaImage via Flickr by weekendhaven

South Korea is taking over the world, and we’re loving it. From Korean dramas to K-pop music to Korean cuisine, the Korean scene has stolen our heart.

Check out our five-day Seoul itinerary for a massive list of what to see, eat, and experience when in Seoul. Wear the hanbok or Korean traditional clothing for free entry to the royal palaces.

Beyond this list of fresh destinations for 2018 you’ll find more places to see and discover. You just have to take the first step. Let us know in the comments which ones are you up to explore this year.

Sikkim Diaries: Serendipity at Nathu La Pass

Watching snowfall has always been a beautiful dream for me. Never did I imagine that I would experience it and that too, in the month of May when it is the peak of the summer season in India.

Yes, it happened to me a couple of years back in Sikkim.

It was the second week of May. We set out to visit Tsomgo Lake (Chhangu), Baba Mandir and Nathu La (Himalayan pass) from Gangtok. It was cloudy when we started at 10 in the morning. By the time we reached Chhangu it started drizzling.

sikkim, himalayas, cloudy, rain

I have seen so many beautiful images of Tsomgo Lake with its bluish water. Unfortunately, it was only shades of grey all around that day. Only the prayer flags added a dash of color to the landscape.

chhangu, lake, tsomgo lake, sikkim

After a brief halt by the lake, we headed towards Baba Mandir. We had a bowl of steaming Momo at a restaurant beside the temple dedicated to the brave soul and legend Baba Harbhajan Singh.

baba mandir, sikkim

baba mandir, gangtok, sikkim

By the time we resumed our journey to Nathu La it was raining heavily. Hailstones lashed the road making it slippery and harder to drive. For a moment, I thought we won’t be able to make it to Nathu La this time due to poor weather condition.

rain, sikkim, nathula

Little did I know then that the bad weather would soon turn out to be a boon for us! 🙂

It was getting colder as we drove up the zig-zag roads. After some time, I noticed that the hailstones looked unusually white.

We asked the driver to stop. As the car stopped, I opened the door and stretched my hands outside.

snowfall, nathula, sikkim, himalayas

Gosh! It was not raining anymore. It was snowing! :O

snowfall, nathula, sikkim

When we finally reached Nathu La, it was white all around. Soft, white snow covered the entire place.

nathla pass, snowfall, sikkim

I didn’t have my gloves with me, therefore, managed to click only a few snaps with quivering fingers.

At a distance, the Indo-Chinese border gate was almost invisible in the mist and snow.

nathula pass, sikkim, himalayas

nathula pass, sikkim

It was freezing outside and soon I had to retire to the warmth of our car. This snowfall was completely unexpected but it was truly AMAZING an experience! A memory I would cherish all my life.

Snowfall… or luck by chance! Whatever it is… a selfie is a must. Hope you recognize me…  😉 🙂

nathula pass, sikkim, himalayas

Did you ever experience serendipity? Please do share your story with us in the comment section.

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Oklahoma City Tour – A Quick Guide for Outdoor Lovers

Bricktown, Oklahoma city

Oklahoma City has become a flourishing tourist destination, gradually leaving behind its culture of energy explorations and the cowboy lifestyle. From adventure lovers to leisure seekers, the city has something for all types of travel buffs. Check out some of the top outdoor recreation activities that you must include in your Oklahoma City itinerary.

Adventure Sports

whitewater rafting, OKC River Rapids

Image via Flickr by allisonmeier

If you love water and adventure, get ready for an adrenaline rush in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District. This amusement park is ready to test your strength and courage with a range of exciting outdoor activities, such as walking on the sky trail some 80 feet above the ground, zip-lining across the Oklahoma River, and slipping down the country’s tallest high-speed slide.

OKC River Rapids lets you experience the thrill of whitewater rafting right in the heart of the city. With the use of advanced engineering and technology, this state-of-the-art rafting center is designed to serve both extreme sports lovers and vacationers. Kids can have their share of fun at Youth Zone, which boasts the scaled-down versions of the sky trail, zip line, waterslides, and bungee jumping platform.

Waterfront Activities

Lake Overholser, kayaking in oklahoma city

Image via Flickr by FreeWine

With a Riversport Pass, you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboating in the river or on Lake Overholser. Water taxis are a relaxing way of exploring downtown Oklahoma City too. Take in the liveliness of Bricktown as you float along the canals connecting the neighborhoods of downtown Oklahoma City. With half a dozen lakes and reservoirs open for angling, visitors can enjoy boating and fishing anytime in Oklahoma City. However, a permit is required for boating in the city waters.

Outdoor Escapes

flamingos, oklahoma city zoo

Image via Flickr by nodigio

Discover the wild side of the city at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. This 119-acre forest is designed to recreate the natural habitats of Asia and Africa, with big cats, gorillas, elephants, and more. The zoo also has scenic nature trails, butterfly gardens, picnic areas, and food courts. Lake Draper, a short drive from downtown, offers rustic campsites where you can pitch tents under the canopy of trees and go fishing and sailing around at the lake.

Leisure and Fun

spray ground, oklahoma city

Image via Flickr by JenX 67

Oklahoma City is situated in a subtropical climate zone. However, there are many fun ways to beat the heat outdoors. Make a splash and chill out at any of the community pools located in the city. The family aquatic centers feature spray grounds, wading and swimming pools, waterslides, and much more. In addition to the aquatic activities, White Water Bay also has extensive entertainment options, including shopping, dining, and movie shows.

Heritage Sights and Landmarks

overholser mansion, oklahoma city tour

Image via Flickr by rutlo

Oklahoma City has a rich past. If you want to delve deeper into the city’s heritage, you cannot miss historical landmarks like the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, Bricktown, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, and the Overholser Mansion.

Many of these outdoor attractions are conveniently accessible from the centrally located hotels in Oklahoma City. With so many things to do in Oklahoma City, it is important that you choose your accommodation wisely. While late spring and early summer is the best time to visit Oklahoma City, you may get better hotel deals in the fall.

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