My Sunset Moments #2 – at the Holy Lake

pushkar sunset, Sunset at Holy Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan

When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim ‘Ah’ you are participating in divinity. ~ Joseph Campbell

That was my ‘ah’ moment at the Holy Lake of Pushkar.

Sunset at the Holy Lake #Pushkar #Rajasthan #India

Dusk falling over the holy #lake, #Pushkar #Rajasthan #India

As the sun set over the horizon it painted the sky in golden and warm orange hues. The pigeons started flying back to their nests. Dusk fell over the lake quietly. I stood still on the stairs of the ghats for some time watching the sun god leaving us for the day and soaked up the peacefulness of the moment.

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      1. Not sure why I didn’t check out your blog earlier, I think it’s because I can’t always visit everyone back if there are too many comments on my blog. But I am glad I visited your blog now 🙂 I do like your photos and subscribed via email to check out more of your stories in the future 🙂

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