Shantiniketan Trip – Exploring the villages nearby

farmer going to field, bolpur, shantiniketan, rural life,

This is the concluding part of my travelogue on Shantiniketan trip in January, 2015. If you missed the earlier posts here are the links Weekend Trip to Shantiniketan: Day-1 and Day-2: Exploring Visva Bharati and Tagore’s abode in Shantiniketan

Day 3 – Exploring the locality and the villages nearby

I got up early that morning and set out to explore the village nearby. I wandered along the village road to feel the essence of the place. It’s been a long time I have been to a village. Here are some moments of a morning spent in rural Bengal. Hope you like them.

When I started the sky was pale blue.

rice field, paddy field, shantiniketan, rural life, bengal

I passed the green rice fields

greenery, rice fields, Shantiniketan, paddy field, village,

and followed the village road

mud cottages, village, shantiniketan, bolpur, rural life in bengal

to find haystacks on both sides, a common thing to see in rural areas.

haystacks, village road, shantiniketan, bolpur

The village was waking up slowly. Women were already at the pond, doing dishes and washing

pond, women at pond, shantiniketan, bolpur, rural bengal

while these ducklings kept vigil on them. 🙂

duck, ducks, ducklings, rural bengal, bolpur shantiniketan

The stray dogs seemed tired and busy in resting after nightlong watch.

stray dogs, banyan, rural bengal, shantiniketan, bolpur

The farmer sets out for the fields.

farmer going to field, bolpur, shantiniketan, rural life,

The sun was already above the horizon and it reminded me that I had to go back to hotel.

sun, sunrise, shantiniketan, bolpur, west bengal, village

While returning I stood by this fishpond to see nice reflections of palm trees in the water.

pond, reflection, rural bengal, shantiniketan, village

With the sun shining bright the rice fields looked greener and lovelier to me.

rice field, greenery, shantiniketan, bolpur

And I collected a souvenir from the groves beside it.

china rose, hibiscus, red, flower

Beautiful! Isn’t it? 🙂

P.S: We boarded Howrah Express from Bolpur-Shantiniketan at 1:10 pm and reach Howrah comfortably at around 3:30 pm. Cost of the trip was Rs 2300 per head. It includes train fare, accommodation, food, sightseeing and pick and drop – all of which I mentioned in detail in my previous two posts – Weekend Trip to Shantiniketan: Day-1 and Day-2: Exploring Visva Bharati and Tagore’s abode in Shantiniketan.

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40 thoughts on “Shantiniketan Trip – Exploring the villages nearby

  1. Hi Moon. I’ve stumbled upon your blog late at night and boy am I happy I did. Your pictures of the beautiful countryside have brought peace and serenity to me and I can say…..Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Delightful. Thank you for sharing:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you stumbled upon my blog Arti and liked the photos. 🙂 You too have got a nice blog. Your Ordinary Moments come alive with extraordinary photographs 🙂


    1. Peaceful indeed 🙂 Hence the name. You know “Shantiniketan” is a Bengali term derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘Peaceful abode’ [Shanti -> Peace and Niketan -> home/abode] 🙂


  2. Villages in India are so different from rural area in Ukraine, my homeland. I’ve been to an Indian village only once – it was a part of my trip around Maharashtra in rainy season, and the experience was absolutely charming. Your village looks similar to the one I visited.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes…absolutely. Indian villages are way too different than Ukrainian village landscapes due to geographical reasons. I have read a lot about rural life in Russia and Ukraine (as part of Soviet Union) in story books and seen images of your homeland. Very picturesque. Always dream of visiting the land …someday. 🙂


  3. A village captured with the diurnal mornings. But, I doubt they are this beautiful every single day or they might be? The clear sky pics look so serene 🙂 Villages have their own aura, don’t they?


    1. Absolutely… village life has a different charm. You may miss the urban entertainment and facilities but there is fresh air to breathe and greenery to behold … Well, people from Rajasthan may not agree with me on this … 🙂 Anyway, a weekend in the lap of nature is well spent.

      Liked by 1 person

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