Boutique hotels in Kolkata that leave you enchanted

Boutique hotels in Kolkata

Boutique hotel, the concept originating in the 80s in England and popularized across Europe and North America, is now a familiar term in India. However, Kolkata was not so much acquainted with boutique hotel services until a decade ago. The city’s hospitality industry was content with a handful of plush 4-star/5-star hotels and swanky business hotels when it came to luxury accommodation. But just like any other metros in our country Kolkata is evolving in every aspect starting from road transport and communication to commercial and business infrastructure. Hotel businesses here are no exceptions.

Boutique hotels in Kolkata, hotel bookings in kolkata

During the last decade a few boutique hotels have come into existence in Kolkata.

If you are a connoisseur of luxury and upscale lifestyle you can definitely go for a reservation in any of the boutique hotels in Kolkata in your next business visit.

Here I would like to discuss about boutique hotels for those who confuse the term with luxury hotels. Boutique hotels indeed offer luxury accommodation but “luxury” is not the only term to describe or define this type of hotel.

Now, what exactly is a boutique hotel?

A boutique hotel is a small hotel (number of rooms ranging between 10 and 100) usually built on exclusive property with distinctive design and settings, offering highly personalized services to its clientele.

Then, why would you choose a boutique hotel over regular mid-segment hotels in Kolkata? Well, the reasons are many.

If you are not among those who seek “home away from home” in hotels and if you do not mind spending extra bucks for an unmatched experience then boutique hotels in Kolkata are the best places to stay.

It’s true that Kolkata’s boutique hotels might be more expensive than mid-range business hotels. But they ensure an all together different level of experience with personalized service, intimate ambiance and uniquely designed interior for added visual delight. The services in boutique hotels are tailored to their clients’ specific needs to heighten the level of comfort and convenience.

Boutique hotels in KolkataEach hotel maintains its distinctive decor and setting that makes it unique from all the others. For example, Bodhi Tree is one of the oldest boutique hotels in Kolkata and is designed on Buddhist monastery theme. On the contrary, the theme of newly built The Corner Courtyard reflects Kolkata’s colonial past with its red brick interior and matching furnishing.

Boutique hotels usually have limited number of guests. So you can expect more peaceful quiet stay there. Like any upscale business hotel boutique hotels also feature exclusively designed restaurants and bars as a crowd puller.

Since boutique hotels are latest addition to Kolkata’s hotel industry these properties are either new constructions or entirely renovated with new thematic designs.

Kolkata’s boutique hotels are situated in prime locations to ensure easy and quick access to the city’s important commercial districts.

However, be it a business visit or holiday trip you should consider authentic sources for hotel bookings in Kolkata to grab the best deals.


20 thoughts on “Boutique hotels in Kolkata that leave you enchanted

  1. Interesting to know about the upcoming boutique hotel culture in Kolkata – makes me wonder about Delhi, and I confess I don’t know much about the boutique hotel options here. Do let me know which place is it that’s featured in the second pic – it looks amazing! Such warm colours and open design ❤

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    1. Delhi also has boutique hotels. They are listed on TripAdvisor. The picture is of ‘The Corner Courtyard’ which is a relatively new one in this category.


  2. Beautiful! Kolkata has been on my mind from such a long time. And these hotels seem like the way to go. That combined with the tour experiences with the walking tour company at Kolkata. It will be exciting to try them out soon 🙂

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