The Magic Lamp on my window

Aladin's magic lamp

It was a beautiful dawn. I could hear the chirping of birds. The golden streaks of morning sun entered my window. I opened my eyes. Oh, it’s a Monday again! I looked out through the window. Something glittering caught my eyes. What is it? Wow…it’s the magic lamp of Aladdin. I couldn’t believe my eyes…no more boring Mondays, no more work… lots of money and only travelling! A Beautiful music was playing in my ear. But suddenly the music stopped. Someone pushed me and told me it’s already 7:30 in the morning. I sprang up on my bed. It was my sister calling me as I had to get ready for the office.

There was nothing on the window. Alas! It was a dream. 😦   

Aladin's magic lamp

Since then I was wondering, if one fine morning I wake up to find Aladdin’s magic lamp on my window…what would I do with it! Well…then I could definitely transform the mundane into something beautiful and exciting with its magical power. 🙂  

This post is a part of the Mundane Monday Challenge given by my blogger friend Jithin who blogs at Trablogger.

Have a wonderful week ahead guys! 🙂

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