Half and Half make one

fateh sagar lake, udaipur, lake, sky, blue

“Knowledge is only one half. Faith is the other.”

~ Novalis

Udaipur city and the palace. The wall divides the frame in two halves – one is the courtyard of Udaipur City Palace cast in the shadow of the palace in the afternoon and the other half is the city, shining bright in the golden light. It can also be interpreted differently – one half of the picture belongs to the imperial and the other half is for the commons. But together they formed a kingdom around five hundred years ago. Most importantly, one half denotes present and the other belongs to the past – a bygone era of valor, success and grandeur.

udaipur city and palace

Pushkar in the twilight. The following picture is one of my favorites, because it exudes the essence of the place. It was a beautiful evening by the holy lake. The reflection of the temples and edifices in the stagnant water of the lake made the vista picture perfect.


It was a warm, sunny morning in Udaipur. We were boating the calm waters of Fateh Sagar Lake. The sky was blue and the sprawling water reflected the shade of the sky so beautifully that it was difficult to understand where the sky ended and the water began until I saw the range of hills in the horizon which split the blue frame in two halves.

Udaisagar lake

Published in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half


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    1. Absolutely! Rajasthan has so much to offer and your tour isn’t complete without visiting these places. 🙂 Thank you for the comment.


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