Bhutan Tour: Kichu Monastery in Paro

This post is a continuation of my earlier post My Rendezvous with Paro

After reaching our hotel in Paro we dumped our luggage in our rooms and set out to explore the place.

paro, bhutan

We were back on the road again. Our first stop was Kichu Monastery.

kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

Kyichu Lhakhang or Kichu Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan. It is situated in a secluded place outside the town. The monastery, from its elevated position, offers wonderful views of the surrounding valley.

paro, valley, bhutan

The monastery houses a golden statue of Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche inside the core temple. However, you are not allowed to take your camera inside.

Kichu lhakhang, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

As we entered the monastery I could see a blast of colors everywhere –

Kichu Monastery

on the front fascia,

Kichu monastery, Paro

on the doors and windows,

painted window, kichu monastery, paro

on the prayer wheels,

prayer wheels, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

prayer wheel, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

and in the garden.

yellow flowers, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

yellow flower, kichu monastery, paro

rose, red rose, paro, bhutan

Even the old monk preaching at the gate of the temple looked quite a colorful person. Isn’t it? 🙂

monk, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

old monk, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

There were orange trees in the temple courtyard that were full of ripe oranges even in June!   orange tree, kichu monastery, paro

Kichu Monastery is a peaceful quiet place, ideal for spending some time contemplating amidst nature and sacred structures.

kichu monastery, kichu lhakhang, paro, bhutan

kichu monastery premises, paro, bhutan

chorten, stupa, kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

Even I tried to concentrate in prayer. But…you know, I found that it’s not my cup of tea… no matter where I am… 😀   at kichu monastery, paro, bhutan

P.S: This is Part VI of my Bhutan Tour Photo Essay Series. You can also check out the previous posts of this series for more photos and information on Bhutan travel.


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  1. Hello moon, went through the bhutan photos again and liked em. (Also, dropping in to say that the photos and post being limited to the left half screen stops the flow limiting it and must be only me , but a wider space would make the reading experience and photo-journey here better. Hope you don’t mind. It’s just a suggestion!) Keep traveling and sharing.

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