Hipmunk Hotels: Destinations in Hawaii for Best Winter Escapes

kapaa, Kauai, hawaiian islands

Sprawling ocean, exotic flora and fauna, and immense scope for water-sports and adventure activities attract travelers to the Hawaiian Islands year round. Whether you seek adventure or simply need a relaxing break from your hectic schedule – this beautiful archipelago in the south has something for everyone.

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Image via Flickr by Kanaka Menehune

The state of Hawaii consists of eight main islands and several islets. These islands are home to top-notch hotels and resorts. However, if you find difficulty in choosing a destination in Hawaii, here is a quick guide to help you.

Kailua-Kona, HI

Kailua-kona, Hawaii, hawaiian islands, tropical paradise

Image via Flickr by Curt Smith

Once a small fishing village, Kailua-Kona is now the major port town on the island of Hawaii. It is also the right place for the travelers who want to experience the rich culture of Hawaii. The region, known for its excellent coffee beans, is home to volcanoes, waterfalls, green vegetation and natural wonders like black sand beaches. Go snorkeling at the Kahaluu Beach or enjoy a stroll along the beautiful Alii Drive. The charming coastal town is home to an array of affordable hotels, eateries and shopping districts. From low-cost, Bed-and-Breakfasts to five-star hotels in Kailua-Kona, HI there are accommodations for for all budgets.

Kapaa, HI

Kapaa, kauai, hawaiian islands, sea beach, vacation

Image via Flickr by Robert Linsdell

Kapaa or Kapa’a is a picturesque town in Kauai, one of the major islands in Hawaiian Islands. Kapaa’s famous Coconut Coast houses an array of cheap to moderately priced hotels and resorts. If you can splurge on accommodation, there is also no dearth of three and four star hotels in Kapaa, HI. Being the largest town on the island, Kapaa serves as the main commercial district in this region and is home to several shopping malls. With lush greenery, coral reefs, rugged cliffs and canyons, Kauai has a lot to offer other than its scenic beaches and quaint coastal towns.

Waikoloa, HI

waikoloa, hawaiian islands, Hilton Waikoloa Village, hotels in hawaiian islands

Image via Flickr by Hilton Waikoloa Village

Overlooking the Anaehoomalu Bay, Waikoloa beach offers plenty of opportunity for family vacationers to relax and enjoy on the beach. You can take part in the beach games, snorkel into the ocean and explore rich marine life there, or simply sit by the bay and watch sunsets at Waikoloa. Visiting in spring can get you discount on the price of the hotels in Waikoloa, HI as it is the end of the high season for tourism. The big event of Lavaman Waikoloa Triathlon is a bonus for those who are planning Waikoloa tour in March. Well, only for those who enjoy sports and outdoor activities, otherwise the place becomes crowded with tourists swarming in for the event.

Wailea (Maui), HI

Wailea, Maui, Hawaiian islands, hawaiian vacation, hotels in wailea maui

Image via Flickr by Joe Parks

If you are searching for a destination, where you can relax and unwind by a quiet beach, rejuvenate your senses with a spa massage and take some time off to a beautiful golf course, you should book hotels in Wailea (Maui), HI. The beautiful Wailea Community is one of the chief attractions in Maui. With many hotels and beachfront accommodations at varied price, Wailiea in Maui offers the natural beauty and recreational amenities you need for a perfect tropical vacation. The Makena Bay area in the south of the island is less crowded, hence offers quiet surroundings and some of the affordable hotels with quality service.
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