The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Fun at Zero Point

zero point, sikkim, himalayas

The sight of snow covered lands, playing with snow, throwing snowballs to each other – all of these are so much fun!

Well, if you are from the colder countries, you may not understand the zeal and excitement, as it is a common thing you see in every winter. However, people like me, who belong to India, a tropical country, don’t get to see snow unless we travel to the Himalayan region in the north.

These pictures are from my trip to Zero Point, North Sikkim, (14000 ft above the sea level) where snow reigns throughout the year. You see… kids and adults, both were having great fun in the snow. 🙂

zero point, yumthung, sikkim, snow

zero point, sikkim, himalayas, snow

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18 thoughts on “The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Fun at Zero Point

      1. Fortunately (I think), we do not have a monsoon season here, or anything like it. However, i checked with google and found that you are only about 800 km from the mountains. That would only get me a third of the way to the Rockies.

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      2. Yes, we are closer to the mountains. It’s only an overnight journey by train and you are at the foot of the mighty Himalayas. But, you monsoon has its own beauty, if you visit Kerala in southern India or rural Bengal, you’ll know. 🙂

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      3. India is an immensely diverse country in terms of geography, culture, language, religion, and race. 🙂 Do visit some day, Tom. Either you’ll enjoy the diversity or you’ll be mad with it. 😀

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