Top Beaches in Bali You Need to Visit

padang-padang beach, bali

The island of Bali offers almost every kind of beach you can think of, ranging from the white sand and black sand beaches to rocky volcanic beaches. Whatever you like to do at the beach, there is one here for you. Use the same caution that you would at any beach and be careful when swimming, surfing or enjoying any other activities in or out of the water. The following are some of the top beaches in Bali you need to visit if you have opted for travel package to Bali from India.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and lush tropical vegetation including mangroves, orchids and palm trees. With golden sand dunes and exceptionally clear, blue waters, Nusa Dua beach is a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers. The currents are relatively mild and the waves tend to be low; surfers may want to head to the north or south ends of the beach to catch a wave.

nusa dua, beach, bali
Nusa Dua Beach

Kuta Beach

A little further down the coast near the city of Kuta is Kuta beach. If you’re a surfer, this beach is a must-visit destination with strong currents and high waves. Unfortunately, this also means that this isn’t the ideal spot for swimming. It’s also something of a party spot and Kuta Beach tends to get a bit crowded at times. However, if you enjoy the nightlife, you’ll love the multitude of beach parties, clubs and visiting the Hard Rock Cafe Bali right by the beach.

kuta beach, bali
Kuta Beach, Bali

Sanur Beach

You’ll find this beach by the village of Sanur in the south of the island. It’s a huge beach, running several km along the coast, featuring golden sand. If you’re a shell collector, chances are you’ll find quite a few here and it’s also a great place to swim and snorkel, with mild waves and currents and crystal clear water which allows you to admire the ocean life up close.

sanur beach, bali
Sanur Beach, Bali

Balangan Beach

Located near Uluwatu, Balangan Beach definitely deserves a place on any list of top Bali beaches. The trip to Balangan Beach is a treat in itself, taking you past small villages and beautiful rustic scenery. It’s a small beach and is generally very quiet, perfect if you’re hoping to avoid the crowds. It’s more of a beach for enjoying the sun and the sights than for swimming, since there are high waves and strong currents here, although surfers may want to pay Balangan a visit for that reason.

Balangan Beach, Bali
Balangan Beach, Bali

Padang-Padang Beach

Another Uluwatu area beach, Padang-Padang is a beautiful beach surrounded by a tropical forest (and monkeys). To get there, you’ll need to take a narrow trail and steps down to the beach. Padang-Padang is a rocky beach and also features caves which you can explore at low tide – it’s also a good swimming spot at high tide, but be careful not to step on sea urchins or sharp coral! Padang Padang beach became something of a hot spot for a while thanks to being featured in Eat, Pray, Love, but the crowds have thinned to some extent and it’s still a wonderful beach to visit.

padang-padang beach, bali
Padang-padang Beach, Bali

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is a more obscure destination in the north of the island. It’s a volcanic black sand beach near Mount Agung and is a wonderful place to swim, with low waves and calm waters and very few tourists. There’s also a charming fishing village nearby and thermal hot springs to enjoy. Other than at sunrise, when tourists come to see dolphins, the beach is generally very quiet.

Lovina beach, bali
Lovina Beach, Bali

Dream Beach at Nusa Lembongan

Lembongan is actually a separate island located about 7km off of Bali, but Dream Beach is well worth the trip. This island is still mostly undeveloped and offers natural beaches and a lot of beautiful scenery to explore. Allow yourself a day for Dream Beach, since you’ll want to see the rest of the island once you’ve spent some time at the beach.

Dream beach, Lembongan, bali
Dream Beach, Lembongan, Bali

Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem

20 minutes north of Candidasa, Virgin Beach Bali(also known as Pasir Putih Beach among other names) is a little off the beaten track and rarely crowded by tourists. The beach is located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem. If you’re looking for a quiet day at the beach in Bali, make sure to visit Virgin Beach. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and some water activities are perfect to do in Virgin Beach, Bali.

Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem, bali
Virgin Beach Bugbug Karangasem, Bali

Amed Beach Karangasem

Amed Beach is well known among divers and snorkelers as one of the best places in Bali, if not the world for diving and watching ocean life. Amed is a small fishing village in the northeast of the island, but has become a significant draw for tourists in search of underwater adventure. Despite its out of the way location, nearly 3 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Amed Beach is well worth the trip. The best way to get to Amed is by hiring a car and driver from a Bali car rental service since there is no public transportation available to this top Bali beach.

Amed Beach Karangasem, bali
Amed Beach Karangasem, Bali

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