Bhutan Tour: Life in Thimphu

thimphu, bhutan

Life in Thimphu has a unique charm. It is a peaceful place with very low crime rate, high discipline, cleanliness and a nice coexistence of modernism and urban culture with Bhutanese tradition and a laid-back lifestyle. And most importantly, people here are nice and gentle towards you as long as you are also nice to them.

thimphu, bhutan

The Roads

The roads in Thimphu are so inviting that you would enjoy drive anytime. Wide roads, less traffic, and idyllic weather – what more do you need? I haven’t seen any traffic police or traffic signaling on the roads, yet no one breaks the rule. Disciplined driving was evident everywhere.

thimphu roads 4

thimphu roads, bhutan

thimphu, roads, bhutan

The Architecture

The sight of traditional architecture and religious edifices are quite common in Thimphu. You’ll see several traditional style gateways on the roads to usher you to different parts of the country from the capital city. Needless to mention, these structures beautifully adorn the cityscape.

thimphu architecture, Buddhist stupa, bhutan

architecture in thimphu, bhutan

The Shopping Districts

Thimphu is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition – an interesting combination of simplicity and urbanity. It is reflected in the marketplaces. The city has sophisticated shopping plazas and departmental stores.

shopping in Thimphu, Bhutan

thimphu market, bhutan

On the other hand, the handicrafts market in Thimphu is the place you can discover the richness of Bhutanese traditional art and textiles.

handicraft market thimphu, bhutan

Bhutanese handicrafts, handicraft market, thimphu, bhutan

textile, bhutan, thimphu, handicraft market

The streets come alive in the afternoon with young boys playing carrom at the shopping arcades, girls having chitchat at the open-air cafeterias and women go shopping with their little kids accompanying them.

The Vegetable Markets

Vegetable markets in Thimphu, mostly makeshift ones, are vibrant, colorful places where you’ll find a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, the sellers and buyers in these roadside vegetable markets are mostly women, in colorful western or traditional clothing.

vegetable market, thimphu, bhutanvegetables, market, thimphu,bhutan

The Women

Bhutanese women are beautiful and in particular, they have excellent dressing sense. Be it their traditional costume Kira or western clothing, women in Thimphu dress up and accessorize quite fashionably. Women here are very active. They work hard both at home and outside. But what is worthy of mention is that they are quite comfortable taking their kids to their workplace.

Look at this woman at a vegetable market in Thimphu.

Bhutanese woman with child, thimphu

Women usually carry their babies on their back while walking on the roads, at the shops, in the markets… everywhere. Hats off to motherhood!

Bhutanese women, thimphu, bhutan

The Men

You’ll see men in Thimphu mostly in their traditional robes, called Gho. Our driver Sangay, a cheerful little young fellow, told me that it is a legal mandate in Bhutan for taxi drivers to drive in their national costume during duty hours. This is also applicable to men and women working in government offices.

boys playing carrom on thimphu streets

The Houses

Thimphu is a booming city. I saw a lot of multi-story houses all around in the neighborhood we stayed and a lot many were under construction. Residential buildings in Thimphu have similar structure and symmetry with the traditionally decorated exterior.  What I loved the most is the happy colors they use to paint their houses. Well… quite natural for a city in the “happiest country in the world” – isn’t it? 🙂

houses in thimphu, bhutan

buildings in thimphu, bhutanhouses in thimphu, happy colors, traditional house in thimphu, bhutan, art and architecture

The Dogs

Dogs seem to be an important part of every household in Thimphu. The people here love dogs. During the day, you’ll see them quietly slugging around in the sun. It is in the night when they are most active, barking all the night to ensure you enjoy “good night sleep”. 😀

Hotel Nirmal, where we stayed in Thimphu, is a family run hotel. The family has a cute little pet dog, Kotah, who was afraid of this distant brother of German Shepherd although I found him very gentle but watchful always. 🙂

dog, thimphu, bhutan

The Neighborhoods

We stayed in a peaceful but lively neighborhood approx 15-minute walk from the main road and the buzzing shopping district of Thimphu. A walk along the winding roads in the morning and afternoon will let you look deeper into the city life.

neighborhoods, thimphu, bhutan

P.S: This is Part IV of my Bhutan Tour Photo Essay Series. You can also check out the first three parts of this series for more photos and information on Bhutan travel.

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