Benefits of having black t-shirts in your wardrobe

black t-shirts

black t-shirtsWhen I was in college I could never wear black t-shirts with jeans although I loved black so much. Can you guess why? Well, both my parents had an aversion for black clothes as they considered black depressing and it represented negativity. It took me so long to convince them about the benefits of wearing black, by then my days in college were over! (sigh)

When it comes to wearing black, I have seen there are three categories of people in the world – those who don’t like to wear black (probably inspired by similar thoughts as my parents once had.) those who wear black only because they are not sure what colour to wear and find black mitigates the risk of going wrong and finally, those who love to wear black (not just for one reason, but for several reasons) …just like me. 🙂

Gone are those days when that little black dress (LBD) was a staple for women’s wardrobe only. Modern metro sexual man has pretty good fashion sense and he has become conscious about what he wears and how he looks while going out. So, men also need to add black casuals to their wardrobes.

The advantages of wearing black are many

Black makes you look slender. Black helps to hide your baby fat and ensures a more shapely appearance. As a reason black dresses have always been popular among women. So guys, why don’t you try that trick too? In fact, a black t-shirt has all the potential to make you look sexier. 😉

Having a few black t-shirts in your wardrobe can actually save your time. Be it a party, special occasion, date or a casual night out there are times when you get confused what to wear and what not to wear. That’s the time you should put on black without wasting your time in such quandary. You know, I wear black when I am in a hurry. 😀

It’s easy to team up a black t-shirt with any shade of jeans or trousers. You can enjoy more freedom and flexibility when it comes to selecting accessories to match black outfit than to clothes of any other colour.

Black is a convenient choice for backpackers and travellers. If you are a footloose like me you know how convenient it is to wear black on the go. Whenever I travel I carry t-shirts of dark shades such as black, navy blue, maroon or coffee. Since dark colours camouflage dirt and stains well I don’t need to wash my clothes often during backpacking trips.

Black clothing has some distinctive psychological effects. Black hides the odds and the irregularities on your body. So you come out as a more confident person more in control of how you look than you do in any other shades. Most importantly, when it comes to fashion, black is the mark of elegance and sophistication.

Things you should consider while buying black t-shirts

If you don’t find plain black t-shirts appealing then go for graphic t-shirts. Remember black doesn’t look equally good on all fabrics. The shade looks more attractive on viscose and synthetic materials than on cotton. Cotton t-shirts also tend to wear out quickly. So be careful about the quality of fabric before buying anything in black.

black t-shirts

Black is mysterious. Black is seductive. Black is stylish. Add a dash of black to your attire to up your style quotient and see the difference. 🙂