Best Deo Options for Men to Stay Cool and Feel Fresh in Summer

deodorants, best deo for men

To those men who still in this misconception that smell from sweating increases their macho appeal to women. To those men who don’t even understand how badly they smell and it is because of this people avoid them and for nothing else. To those men who sweat a lot and feel embarrassed about it but don’t know how to get rid of this stinking sweaty smell.

deodorants, deo for men

You might think why I am suddenly after stinking men? (No offence please, rather when you take your shirt off just smell once and you’ll know) I am among that unfortunate lot who often face the trouble of tolerating stinky people in public transport or stinky colleagues during the office hours, especially in summer. With summer round the corner, I thought it would be good time to talk about the topic.

Let me share a fact I read in an article on The Huffington Post – “While women have more sweat glands than men, men’s sweat glands produce more sweat.”  

Some men think that sweaty smell increases their macho appeal to women (well, it could be your woman think that way about you but not the whole world, so please think before you go out). Some are completely ignorant about how smelly they can be and how terrible people around them may feel because of that. Well, when you appear well-dressed with neat and clean hair you look impressive at the first glance. But as you come closer with your suffocating body odour the impression index suddenly drops down to zero. Do you understand that? Perspiration is natural in a humid tropical country like ours but there are weapons like deodorants to fight with body odour.

I have noticed the younger generations are lot smarter. They are conscious not just about looking good but also smelling good and feeling good. And trust me, women like that and appreciate that. 

It’s not that only appearance is important, because not everyone is blessed with good looks. What is important is to feel good and that’s definitely not destiny. It’s in your hand. Look around and you’ll find a variety of deodorants for men. Their refreshing fragrance will keep you cool and energized all day long.  There are costly products like Loreal Men Expert Deodorant which offer longer lasting fragrance. But if you are like me who easily get bored of using the same deodorant everyday go for less expensive ones such as Nike, Fogg, Adidas, Axe or others. Pick three or four different deodorants and use them alternatively during the week. Buying online can save you money with some cool discount offers on products.

deodorants, best deo for men

Remember, it’s not that sweat causes body odour.

It is the bacteria accumulating on particular areas of our body (e.g. armpit) that cause the stench. Deodorants contain antimicrobial element that fights and prevents odour for a limited period though. If you have the tendency of stinking you can apply deodorants twice or thrice a day. Believe me; personal care is equally important for both women and men. It is the first step to develop a healthy body and mind.

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