Finding joy in mundane things: The broken window

window, broken window, old house, mundane, bleak

“Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

~ Herbert Hoover

The house right opposite my balcony is quite old. I am seeing it in the same condition ever since we moved in this neighborhood some 15 years earlier. Every morning before I leave for the office I see the window, almost broken, remains closed. I wonder how the habitats of the house can live in such a damp, decaying house which may collapse any day! Does light and fresh wind ever enter in their house? To my surprise, that day on a sunny afternoon, I found the window in half-open state… and I got a bit curious too! 😉

I publish this post as part of the Mundane Monday Challenge given by my blogger friend Jithin aka Trablogger.

window, broken window, old house, mundane, bleak

Wish you a happy and happening week ahead! 🙂