The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Numbers

ludo, board game, dice, numbers

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme, numbers, re-opened a chapter from my childhood memories…

I remember those happy days when we took pleasure in this indoor board-game called Ludo. Throw the dice and give your move with the numbers you get. Numbers played a key role in this game. Those who were lucky found the ladders to move up quickly.

ludo, board game, dice, numbers

And the unlucky ones got the snakes and struggled to reach 100, which was the winning point.

ludo, ludo board, board game, numbers, dice

Good numbers and bad numbers are just so relative in this game. What is good for one might be bad for the other players. You never know what awaits you in the next move.

ludu, board game, dice, dp photo challengeNow, when I look back to this Ludo board, I can see this simple game so closely resembles the biggest and most complex game called “life”. And numbers are important in every stage of our lives.

Your age is a number.

Your school and college grades are based on numbers.

Your salary/income is a number.

And your blog-views are also numbers. 😉   😀

Unfortunately, we are seldom happy with these numbers.


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