Private Cab Services in Kolkata for Comfortable Journeys

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If this is not your first visit to Kolkata you may already know about the whims of Kolkata taxi drivers. Taxi refusal is a common problem in the city. Sometimes cab drivers switch off the fare-meter and ask for a fixed rate which is always higher than the actual fare for the distance. Sometimes they are simply ‘not interested’ to go exactly where you ask them. So if you don’t want unnecessary hassles in getting around in the city book a private cab service in Kolkata in advance.

taxi service in Kolkata, private cab service in Kolkata, cab service, taxi, Kolkata, kolkata cab services
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Why private taxi service in Kolkata is a wise choice

Kolkata is a booming metro. Traffic jams, over-crowded public buses, long queue for auto rickshaws are common to see in peak hours of the day. Overpopulation and the inflow of crowd from the suburban areas makes situation even worse on weekdays. On the contrary, scarcity of public transport on holidays is another side of transportation problem in the metro.

So whether you are a tourist or a business traveller private taxi service in Kolkata is your best option to dodge such troubles and explore the city conveniently.

Things to consider before hiring a taxi service in Kolkata

There is no dearth of private taxi services in the city. But how would you choose the best cab service in Kolkata that will best suit your requirements? Comfort, convenience, budget and security are some of the factors that influence our decisions while travelling. Following are some points to consider before you hire a private cab service in Kolkata.

Fare: Do a little research on current cab fare rates in Kolkata. It will save you from being overcharged. Cab fare depends on distance, type of vehicle and the basic charges fixed by the local transport authorities and it may vary depending on the time you will be travelling. For example, distance between Dum Dum Airport and Esplanade is 18 km and estimated travel time is 33-35 minutes which can extend to 1 hour during peak time. Therefore, private taxi charges may also vary accordingly ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 400.

Flexibility: If you are to travel late at night or early in the morning check in advance on availability of service at that specific hour. Do they charge extra for providing cab after normal service hours? Will they pick you up right from your place or you need to walk to a certain pickup point? These are some questions you need to ask before hiring a taxi service in Kolkata to ensure comfort and convenience.

Fleet: Inquire about diversity of the fleet and what type of car you’ll be provided. When it is a group of two or four a Swift Dzire or Tata Indigo is okay but for a large family/group an SUV might be the right option.

Facility: Will they offer service tailored to your interest? Top rated private cab services in Kolkata offer services customized to their clients’ needs.