Discover the Other Side of Dubai – Art and Adventure in the Desert City

dubai beaches, dubai skyline

Over the years, Dubai has grown to be a major business and commercial hub in the Middle East. Despite its several hotels, duty-free shopping, and world-class entertainment, Dubai is more than a business and leisure destination. The city offers an eclectic mix of art, culture, technology, and architecture. There is a different side of Dubai that should be explored if you believe in experiential traveling. To discover the other side of the city, stay at a Dubai hotel near Deira or Bur Dubai and explore the various art and adventure activities the city has to offer.

Once your touristy zeal is satiated by exploring Dubai’s manmade wonders, try these things to make the most of your Dubai vacation:

Desert Safari

desert safari dubai, dubai attractionsImage via Flickr by SimSullen

Dubai is a desert city, so your travel is incomplete without a safari to the Arabian Desert, a half-hour drive from downtown. There are several ways to explore and enjoy in the desert, such as camel rides, dune driving, quad biking, and sand boarding. As dusk falls, your Arabian Desert safari ends with a traditional belly dance performance followed by a barbecue dinner at a resort or a camping site.

Skydiving and Hot Air Ballooning

skydiving, dubai, dubai skyline

Image via Flickr by pictcorrect

A hot air balloon ride is, perhaps, the best to way to witness the beauty of the desert from a different perspective. Glide over the desert and watch the sun rise over the golden sand dunes. The more adventurous can try skydiving for a “one-of-a-kind” experience. Jump into the void from an altitude of 4,000 meters and take in the bird’s-eye view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah as you swoop down to the landing turf.

Waterpark Amusements

wild wadi water park, dubai attractions

Image via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman

With exciting water rides and fairy tale-like structures, Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the main attractions in Dubai. The amusement park’s cool wave pools, multiple water slides, and surfing machines let you beat the heat and have fun all day. If you are traveling with kids, Wild Wadi is not to be missed.


Ski Dubai, Skiing in dubai

Image via Flickr by jonrawlinson

How does it feel to walk on the snow in a desert city like Dubai? Well, you can enjoy all those winter sports at Ski Dubai that you usually enjoy during the winter in North America. It’s not just skiing and snowboarding; you can go crazy with fast-paced rides like Snow Bullet. You can even meet the polar penguins and swim with them. Isn’t it amazing?

Water Sports

dubai beaches, dubai skylineImage via Flickr by *_* (Guilhem Vellut)

Dubai’s long stretches of white-sand beaches are ideal for relaxation and leisurely walks. They are equally ideal for a wide range of water sports activities.  There are extreme water sports like wakeboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, jet-blade flyboarding, wind surfing, and kite surfing, which requires a bit of training and skill. But Dubai has something for everyone. Beginners can try Frantic Ride, Shark Safari, parasailing, or jet skiing for the adrenaline rush. You can also take your family on a speedboat trip and enjoy the view of the spectacular Dubai skyline.

Arts and Crafts

Dubai art gallery, Dubai international art centre

Image via Dubai International Art Centre

Although Dubai is a symbol of modernity with its high-tech architecture, technology-driven entertainment, and man-made wonders, the city is also fond of arts and crafts. Discover the artistic side of Dubai at Dubai International Art Centre (DIAC). Art connoisseurs can join painting or sculpting courses or simply visit an exhibition in DIAC and admire the works of contemporary artists. Kids can also learn crafts, such as glass painting and sculpture mosaics, at the workshops.
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