Requesting Your Vote for Me as Travel Influencers in Best Travel Photos Competition

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Hello all traveller friends. You may know me as I used to share my travel videos and photos on this beautiful blog. I am happy to say that I have been nominated as Travel Influencer in ‘Best Travel Photos Competition’ by a holiday package website. Glad to see that many of my friends have already voted for me and I am requesting you all to give your valuable votes for me.

How to vote:

1. Click to this link:

2. Find me at No. 15 place with my name: Debarup Mukherjee

3. Press the VOTE button.

4. Then it will ask you to register to the website. Use Facebook or Gmail any one to register.

5. Then again come back and click to the above link:

6. Go to No. 15 place and click the VOTE button and it will show VOTED.

You can check out my photography, travel blog here.

My Instagram:

My Facebook Page:

My Travel Blog:

Thank you in advance for your VOTE. Hope you all support me to win this contest and I promise to give you more interesting travel photos and videos in future.

Lastly, thank you Moon di for allowing me to publish this post in her blog.

Debarup Mukherjee, travel blogger, best travel photo

Author Bio:

Debarup, the founder of Top Five Buzz, is a passionate photographer and a traveler. He loves mountains and wants to explore every curve of it. His dream is to travel around the world to enjoy the nature in every part of this mighty earth.