Varanasi: A Visit to the Cultural Capital of India – Part III

Me at Varanasi, Ghat, photography

This is a continuation of my previous posts – Varanasi: A Visit to the Cultural Capital of India and Varanasi: A Visit to the Cultural Capital of India – Part II. Hope you enjoy reading…

The Last Day: Exploring the Ghats in Varanasi

On the next and the last day, I decided to explore the ghats on my own while my family went to Viswanath Temple for the second time. The main ghat was a 5-minute walk from the guest house. It was early morning and I roamed the ghats to ‘feel’ Varanasi for the last time. The river, the boats, the flowers in the floral shops, the sages in saffron and the people taking holy bath … all looked so different in the soft light of morning sun. I tried to capture some regular activities along the ghats.

Moon, Varanasi, Ghat, photography, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
My Photographer Avatar 🙂

Here are some for your eyes only…  🙂

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In spite of its zigzag narrow lanes, enough to give you the feel of labyrinths; dirty overcrowded ghats, polluted water, congested roads and no traffic rule at all, Varanasi has its own charm with its age-old edifices, temples and a laid back attitude towards life. It was really a wonderful trip to the holy city in late February when the weather is pleasant. I think this is the best time to visit the place if you want to avoid both the chilling winter and the scorching summer of Northern India.

Gradually our time in Benares came to an end. I chose the Travera of the guest house for extra comfort. Pickup and drop cost us a total of Rs. 1200 which could be cut down to Rs 300-400 if we took auto rickshaws. But I don’t mind that extra bucks for the comfort and convenience of my family.

N.B: If you need to dry your laundries out in the sun don’t forget to clip them tight. Otherwise, you may lose them forever… courtesy monkeys.  They have a tendency to grab anything and everything that belongs to human species… 😉 .   Take care and have a nice trip!


29 thoughts on “Varanasi: A Visit to the Cultural Capital of India – Part III

  1. I had read the third one quite back, but didn’t find time to read the first two posts 🙂 And, now I can say that your visit was lovely 😀 Keep sharing 🙂 (It’s just too hot or too cold mostly though 😦 )

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    1. Thanks for reading all the posts patiently. 🙂 Yes, the visit was lovely, and I wish to go there again. I heard that the city is cleaner now after Ganga Clean up project took place.

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  2. This is a really good , short & bang on description of Varanasi, which really required for a person going for the first time to Varanasi, like me. Photographs are really good & I am really looking forward for my trip.


  3. hi
    Very nice narration about kashi, we felt as if we were there. I am going this july to kashi with gods grace to attend Guru purnima. It would be helpful If you had posted phone numbers of sita guest house . Thank u


  4. Your pics add just the right touch to your words… you are very good with both and your readers sure feel that they are missing it all not being there! 🙂

    Sure would want to visit this place some day… mostly for the way your post depicts it!


  5. So finally you have managed to finish the story. No doubt, another nice post but what i liked the most about it is your photography Chobi Roy 😉


  6. Kashi’r bikhyato banor (Joy Baba Felunath) 🙂 Etao khub bhalo lekha hoyeche! And yes, Jan end, Feb are quite good time to visit Varanasi.

    Just returned from a team outing today (inside Bangalore), hoping to put few images and a story in my blog 🙂


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