Sadhu Baba at Varanasi Dasaswamedh Ghat

sadhu, sadhu baba, Varanasi Dasaswamedh ghat, saint, hermit

Varanasi is a place where you will see them anywhere and everywhere – on the Ghats, in the alleys, at the temples. Some maintain the attire in which they came on this earth, some wear saffron clothes. Some are completely absorbed in their own world, some are very conscious about the surroundings – whether passersby pay attention to them or not (I hope you understand why 🙂 ). Some draw tika on their forehead while some smear ashes on the skin. Many of them wear matted hair coiled up on their crown. Yes, they are the Sadhus (hermits) – they belong to Varanasi’s culture.

While I was taking a stroll along the Daswaswamedh Ghat in one fine morning I spotted him. He came down the stairs, spread his rug on the floor, arranged his belongings in order, then sat down and looked at me curiously. As I approached him he wore a pleasant smile.

“Kya mai ek photo le sakti hun apki?”, I requested. (Can I take a photo of yours?)

He instantly gave his approval, “han, zaroor…le lo”. (Yes, of course, go ahead)

And there he goes – our smiling Sadhu Baba.

sadhu, sadhu baba, Varanasi Dasaswamedh ghat, saint, hermit

P.S.: I took this photo with my old SONY Cyber Shot W190.

Read the full story of my Varanasi Trip here.  


18 thoughts on “Sadhu Baba at Varanasi Dasaswamedh Ghat

  1. Nice pic Moon, I have not visited Varanasi but surely would love to 🙂 and thank you for the award, I accept it and will publish it soon 🙂

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