Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward is finding joy in small things

woodpecker, bird, common woodpecker

For me reward is finding joy in small things.

It can be admiring the shiny droplets of water on giant taro leaves (colocasia) right after the rain.

raindrops (on colocasia leaves)

It can be following tapping sound in a quiet afternoon to find a woodpecker on the palm tree in your backyard. (It’s rewarding because we don’t often see such birds except crow, pigeons and sparrows in the concrete jungle of urban life. 😦 )

the #woodpecker in my backyard

It can be discovering beauty in wildflowers that bloom by the road and we never bother to look at. They may look ordinary but get closer and you’ll see beauty in them too.

wild flowers

It can be watching animals play in the wild.

Love is in the air....

It can be getting up early and rushing to the garden to discover the buds you saw yesterday turned to flowers.

red poppies in Botanical Garden #Kolkata

It can be waking up to a beautiful morning after a terribly dark rainy night and see the rays of gentle morning sun tear apart the cloud and flood the valley.

morning in choukori

It can be resting under the cool shades of a tree after a long walk in a summer morning and feel rejuvenated.

The tree by the pond - Botanical Garden, #Kolkata #BotanicalGarden #nature

And finally, it is when I see my little niece happily playing, singing and smiling all by her.

smiling child, kid, toddler, smile, happiness

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward is finding joy in small things

  1. Beautiful pictures 🙂 Totally agree with what you said, things look ordinary and when we bring that extra focus that’s when it turns extraordinary.

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  2. Moon – nice interpretation of this weeks challenge. I feel the same about the sound of the woodpecker, a happy child, deer, raindrops, and walking after a rain to see the beauty. Loved visiting your life through your photos. Love and Light! Sandy

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