The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Solitude

nature, solitude, alone, greenery, lachung, sikkim

“Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone.”

~ Paul Tillich

I feel lonely when I am in the crowd. I enjoy being alone amidst the nature.

We were driving to Lachung from Gangtok. On our way, I saw this woman sitting alone under the trees. It looked like she was contemplating, fully absorbed in the nature and greenery all around. And this is exactly what “solitude” means to me.

Well, I know it could have been a much better, clearer picture, but I took this shot from a running car. Hence, not a very clean shot. Hope you don’t mind that! 🙂

greenery, solitude, nature, sikkim, mountains, woods

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Ladakh Time Lapse & My Amazing Journey from Manali to Leh

leh, ladakh, roadtrip

Ladakh, one of the greatest places on earth and here you can get the pleasure of breathtaking landscapes, high altitude motorable passes, stunning lakes and many more. The beauty of Ladakh will mesmerize you and bring you back again and again to this place. You can find the unlimited variation of the mountains there. Also this place is known as many adventurous sports like biking, cycling, rafting and many more.


I was in Ladakh on July 2016 for 12 days. This tour was one of my best till date. This trip was just unforgettable.

I have started my journey on 4th July from Kolkata to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, I went for Manali. It was a 12-hour bus journey. The next day was the resting day at Manali. On 4th July, I started the road trip to Leh. Our first stop was Sarchu. It is almost 14,000 ft above the sea level. I experienced a mesmerizing night sky with the Milky Way and billions of stars out there.


The next day, I traveled to Tsomoriri. It is a lake placed almost 15000 ft above the sea level. I stayed at a camp near the Tsomoriri lake. Completing one night there, next day was our last day to reach Leh.


On 6th July I reached Leh, the heaven of Kashmir. I stayed there for 5 days and in between I visited Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso.

During our road trip we have crossed some of the highest motorable mountain passes of the world. The beauty of Manali – Leh highway was stunning.

Ladakh, leh

Tso moriri lake, ladakh

ladakh, bike rally, nubra valley

Ladakh is a favorite place for photographers. You can’t miss anything while you are in a road trip. This has happened to me also. I took almost 8000 images during my 12-day trip. 5000 among them was for time lapse photography.

I made this 3 mins timelapse video with 5000 images.


Author Bio:

Debarup, the founder of Top Five Buzzis a passionate photographer and a traveler. He loves mountains and wants to explore every curve of it. His dream is to travel around the world to enjoy the nature in every part of this mighty earth.

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rare

sunset, sky, orange, sunset photo

“Beauty is one of the rare things which does not lead to doubt of God.”

Jean Anouilh

A sunset is a common phenomenon we see everyday. In the rush of our busy, day-to-day activities we rarely find time to watch the sunset and enjoy its beauty. But today’s sunset was something special. From June to September it is monsoon in India, and the sky is covered with dark rain clouds most of the time. In this season, a fiery sunset sky like this is rare to see. So, I didn’t waste a moment to capture the beauty with my new Nikon D53oo. 🙂

sunset sky, sunset, colors, orange sky

sunset, sky, purple, orange

sunset, sky, sunset sky, orange

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Prayer Stones: The Cherry on Top

gurudongmar, lake, north sikkim

This is a snap from my Sikkim Tour photo-story series. The clear reflections of the snow-covered peaks in the still waters of the sacred lake, Gurudongmar could make a decent picture. I think, the heap of prayers stones in the foreground works like the cherry on top to make this frame look more interesting and meaningful. What do you say? 🙂

gurudongmar, sikkim, lachen

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Look Up – 2

canopy of leaves, natural canopy

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

~ Wayne Dyer

Sattal, one of the several beautiful lakes in Kumaon, was a part of our sightseeing tour in Nainital. Sattal is a combination of three lakes connected together naturally. Apart from boating facility there is one more attraction. It offers a small trek to a church on top of the hill on the other side of the lake.

While trekking along the steep, shadowy walking trail I looked upwards to see the towering pines and other coniferous trees creating a nice canopy over my head.

coniferous trees, pine trees, natural canopy, nainital, kumaon

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P.S: This is my second entry for this week’s challenge. Here is the first post on Look Up

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Spare

road, north sikkim, travel

I am just back from a refreshing trip to the Himalayan mountains in North Sikkim. There I saw how the environment is being polluted everyday by smokey tourist vehicles. Even the landscapes at above 17,800 feet are not spared from grasp of so-called “tourism”. Tourism in hilly areas like Sikkim, is definitely a means of economic development. But I doubt if it is always good for the nature and environment around us! What do you say?


lake gurudongmar, sikkim, india



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PS: These photos are from my photo essay to a photogenic journey to Lake Gurudongmar in Sikkim, India. Do drop by if you like it. 🙂  


Bhutan Tour: A short drive through Wangdue

wangdue, lobesa valley, wangdue phodrang, bhutan

I think one day is not enough to explore and experience the scenic charm of Punakha and the monastery. But you know… you are always short of time on a tour like this. There is so much to see but we have only a few days to spend. 😦   So, after lunch by the river Pho Chu we were on the road again – the road to Wangdue (pronounced as Wangdi). Wangdue district, one of the largests in the country, is home to a number of scenic valleys among which Phobjikha Valley and Lobesa Valley are to name a few.

Wangdue is less than an hour by car from Punakha. However, we didn’t have time to drive down to the interior of the district as we had to return to Thimphu by that evening.

It was a sunny afternoon. We enjoyed a drive along the Mo Chu River towards Wangdue.

wangdue 2

We drove through the picturesque town of Wangdue Phodrang. The town seemed a newly built one with symmetrical houses and buildings of vivid colours that lends a different charm to the place.

wandue, wandue phodrang town, punakha, bhutan

wangdue phodrang, wangdue, phodrang town, bhutanWe passed by the Wangdue Monastery which was completely burnt from short circuit in 2011. The monastery was a replication of the Punakha Monastery. It is now being reconstructed again, so visitors are not allowed. We could see the monastery from a distance. By the way, our driver charged Rs 1000 extra for this drive as it was not in our itinerary from the beginning. 

wangdue monastery

wangdue monastery, wangdi, punakha, bhutan

The valley, bathing in the light of summer sun looked awesome from a distance. We stopped by the road to absorb the beautiful scenery with my senses. Who knows, if I would be able to see this ever again or not! So behold and capture the beauty of this world as much you can, in this one life.

wangdue, lobesa valley, wangdue phodrang, bhutanwangdue, lobesa valley, wandue phodrang, bhutan

wangdue, lobesa valley

We returned to Thimphu by 4:30 in the evening. So, I had a couple hours in hand to explore the neighboring locality and makeshift markets. I utilized it as much as possible. Will share that story with you soon. 🙂

P.S: Till then you can check out the first two parts of my Bhutan Tour photo essays for more photos and information on Bhutan travel: