Daily Post Photo Challenge: Spare

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I am just back from a refreshing trip to the Himalayan mountains in North Sikkim. There I saw how the environment is being polluted everyday by smokey tourist vehicles. Even the landscapes at above 17,800 feet are not spared from grasp of so-called “tourism”. Tourism in hilly areas like Sikkim, is definitely a means of economic development. But I doubt if it is always good for the nature and environment around us! What do you say?


lake gurudongmar, sikkim, india



Published in response to The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Spare.

PS: These photos are from my photo essay to a photogenic journey to Lake Gurudongmar in Sikkim, India. Do drop by if you like it. 🙂  

26 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge: Spare

  1. Although it’s not desirable but I have found this to be a debatable topic. people often give preference to local economy while those who favor environment will take a different stand. I think environment preservation needs a priority

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    1. Yes, I also think so. But why not the tourists also be a little more responsible? Then we can maintain a balance between tourism and protecting nature. Thank you.


      1. Moon…I may sound negative but across India, environment is least people care about, be it tourist or locals. Tourist certainly are worse of, demanding all facilities possible and littering without a second thought. Just look at touristy places. you’ll know what I mean. I feel sad, looking at all this. I wish we could be more sensible. It’s great to see post like these….may be some will at least change after reading this!

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