Let’s Save Pangong Lake, Ladakh from CHINA

Pangong lake, ladakh

Pangong Lake in Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in India. Recently China is trying to capture Pangong from India. It has created an Indo-China war situation near the border area of Ladakh. Even though our soldiers are ready to stop them, it is high time for us to contribute to our country.

So, how we can do that? Well, I have explained that in this video.

Mr. Sonam Wangchuck from Ladakh has started a campaign called #BoycottMadeInChina. We cannot help our soldiers on the battleground, but we can make our contribution by supporting this –

“Remove Chinese software or apps from mobile in a week, like TikTok ban, and avoid hardware in a year.”

We know that it is a very tough job and won’t be possible in a few days but we can definitely try to use our wallet power.


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Debarup, the founder of Top Five Buzz, is a passionate photographer and a traveler. He loves mountains and wants to explore every curve of it. His dream is to travel around the world to enjoy nature in every part of this mighty earth.

Ladakh Time Lapse & My Amazing Journey from Manali to Leh

leh, ladakh, roadtrip

Ladakh, one of the greatest places on earth and here you can get the pleasure of breathtaking landscapes, high altitude motorable passes, stunning lakes and many more. The beauty of Ladakh will mesmerize you and bring you back again and again to this place. You can find the unlimited variation of the mountains there. Also this place is known as many adventurous sports like biking, cycling, rafting and many more.


I was in Ladakh on July 2016 for 12 days. This tour was one of my best till date. This trip was just unforgettable.

I have started my journey on 4th July from Kolkata to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, I went for Manali. It was a 12-hour bus journey. The next day was the resting day at Manali. On 4th July, I started the road trip to Leh. Our first stop was Sarchu. It is almost 14,000 ft above the sea level. I experienced a mesmerizing night sky with the Milky Way and billions of stars out there.


The next day, I traveled to Tsomoriri. It is a lake placed almost 15000 ft above the sea level. I stayed at a camp near the Tsomoriri lake. Completing one night there, next day was our last day to reach Leh.


On 6th July I reached Leh, the heaven of Kashmir. I stayed there for 5 days and in between I visited Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso.

During our road trip we have crossed some of the highest motorable mountain passes of the world. The beauty of Manali – Leh highway was stunning.

Ladakh, leh

Tso moriri lake, ladakh

ladakh, bike rally, nubra valley

Ladakh is a favorite place for photographers. You can’t miss anything while you are in a road trip. This has happened to me also. I took almost 8000 images during my 12-day trip. 5000 among them was for time lapse photography.

I made this 3 mins timelapse video with 5000 images.


Author Bio:

Debarup, the founder of Top Five Buzzis a passionate photographer and a traveler. He loves mountains and wants to explore every curve of it. His dream is to travel around the world to enjoy the nature in every part of this mighty earth.

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