Travel in Style in Leggings – Do’s and Don’t’s

Summer is in full swing. Many of you might be thinking of switching to leggings from jeans; if not already have done so. Light, stretchable, skin-friendly cotton-lycra leggings are ideal for hot and humid tropical summer. Those who are involved in 9 to 5 jobs know best. Sitting 8 hours in the cubicle in a pair of trousers or jeans can be uneasy at times. I used to feel this problem especially after lunch.  🙂  But leggings can give you the desired comfort at its best.

Now this was about office goers. What about the travel buffs? The best thing about stashing 5-6 leggings in your rucksack is that neither they eat up much of your storage space nor they add much weight to your backpack. On the contrary, when you are on a backpacking tour you can’t afford to carry equal number of jeans in your bag, right? If you want to travel light yet don’t want to get bored with your look (in same jeans and a couple of tops) leggings and layered clothing is the way to go.

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However, wearing leggings involves some rules.


  • Length of top: Team up your leggings with long tops or tunics or short dresses of mid-thigh length (or kurti for ethnic wear) so that you butt remains covered. Otherwise, it looks odd and you may make yourself ridiculous. Please note that you can wear leggings with your miniskirts too.

leggings with short dress and skirts

  • Knit: Go for thick, double knit leggings to prevent showing skin through clothing.
  • Colours: Leggings are not just about neutral colours like black, white or beige. Coloured leggings are very much in vogue these days. If solid colour is your preference go for Oleva Leggings. They offer high-quality leggings in a wide range of colours to choose from. You can buy free-size Oleva leggings online right from the comfort of your home. Remember, when you experiment with coloured leggings keep your top neutral or in lighter shades. It will not only highlight your legs but also maintain a balance in your look.

oleva leggings, coloured leggings women's leggings

  • Layers: Wear layered clothing with leggings. It not only looks stylish but also practical for backpackers travelling to regions where temperature fluctuates during night and day. When the ensemble is in solid colours, casually wrap a printed scarf around the neck for a more dramatic look.
  • Prints: Mix and match your solid colour tops with printed leggings and vice versa. Animal prints, multi-coloured geometric prints, exotic tribal prints can do wonder.

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  • Shoes: Choose your shoes wisely with leggings. Flats and flip-flops are for casual summer look while boots and pumps lend a formal impression.


  • Carry your white/off-white leggings while travelling as they easily gets dirty and you may not get a chance to wash your clothes on the go.
  • Wear leggings made of finer fabric. It can show your bulges and mar the look.
  • Wear short top or tank top with leggings.

Here is how our favorite celebs flaunt their legs in leggings.

hollywood celebrities wearing leggings, celebs in leggings

So what are you waiting for? Add a dash of colours to your wardrobes this summer with economical, high-quality Oleva leggings and create your own style statement.

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How to Beautify Yourself This Summer

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Staying beautiful in summer is a relatively difficult task. Constant sweating on hot and humid days makes a person look weary and tired. However, some highly effective sun protection lotions make sure that women of all ages retain their beauty in summer too. A branded sunscreen lotion nourishes the skin and gives you a glamorous look all the time.

Harmful UV rays from the sun can badly affect your skin. Problems like sunburn, dark patches and other skin related diseases can easily invade your body unless you take protective measures.

beauty, summer, skin care, personal care, beauty tips

You can easily protect your skin during summer by following these simple tips.

  1. Always use a branded sunscreen lotion or cream while going outside. If the product is not available in your locality you can buy it from online stores. Buying online also makes you eligible for good discount and cash back with active discount coupons available exclusively at
  1. Your daily intake of fruits and vegetables should be the part of a proper diet. Usually cucumber, watermelon and gourd among other food are essential to keep your internal health alright.
  1. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. An adult person should take 8-10 glasses of water every day. It helps to flush the toxins out of our body.
  1. Wake up early in the morning and sleep early in the night. It is also important to stay away from stressful life and keep yourself calm and relaxed as much as possible.
  1. Wear light cotton clothes in summer. This will keep you relaxed and cool.

How to Purchase Beauty Products Conveniently from Home

Shopping in summer means more exhaustion. Visiting one shop to another in search of your favorite product could be a time taking and laborious task. However, online shopping can solve all your problems in no time. It is a very simple process to buy your favorite products online. You need to select the products on online shopping websites to avail the deal.

Once you have selected your beauty products on the site, you need to furnish your credit card or debit card details. Once the checkout process is completed you will receive an email confirmation that the transaction is successful. The products will be delivered to you after 1 or 2 days.

Some Quintessential Beauty Products for summer

Anti-Pollutant Face Wash: We are well aware of the fact that pollution can affect our skin and face. Don’t forget to wash your face and neck twice a day with an anti pollutant face wash on a daily basis.

Body Lotion: It is also important to have the necessary amount of moisture present in your skin. Although we regularly use moisturizer in winter, we often neglect moisturizing our skin during summer. It is definitely not a good practice. A body lotion with the goodness of Aloe Vera is the ideal one you should buy.

Sunscreen Lotion or cream: Use a good branded sunscreen lotion regularly in the summer to stay protected from scorching sunlight. The best way to buy one is to visit stores like nykaa. Shop for your favorite brand and get discount with the use of nykaa coupons to save more.

Branded perfume: Getting out without perfume, especially during summer, is unimaginable. You must always keep a good quality perfume with refreshing fragrance at your disposal.

Vanishing cream: Sweating makes life miserable in summer. However, you can still look refreshed and rejuvenated by using a branded vanishing lotion or cream. Fair and Lovely is one of the most famous brands specializing in selling vanishing cream.

Therefore, staying beautiful is no big deal. You only need to dedicate a certain amount of time for skin and face care every day. Remember beauty doesn’t fade away on its own unless we constantly ignore it.

18 Ways travelling improves the quality of your life

Travel - travelling rejuvenates our body and soul

To those city dwellers who lead a busy life; spend most of their time in work sitting in front of a computer looking at the screen; feel stressed out at the end of the day; spend the weekend sleeping at home or unwinding in a bar or hanging out in a multiplex to re-energize themselves and prepare to take the Monday blues again.

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Travelling can rejuvenate our body and soul. The experiences that we gather through our journey enrich the mind. Yet in our fast-paced urban life we often seem to forget this simple truth. Or, do we give too much importance to our work and office?

Travel - travelling rejuvenates our body and soul

Be it a long vacation or a short trip travelling can improve the quality of your life in many ways. As you take the journey you grow as a human being by developing different qualities and honing your existing skills.

While you travel you –

1. Set yourself free. Travel to set yourself free

2. Embrace the unknown and the uncertain.

Travel through the woods, embrace the unknown

3. See new things. Travel to see new things

4. See things differently. Travel to see things differently.

5. Learn new things. Travelling - World is an open book

6. Discover new joys. Travel to discover new joy

7. Taste new dishes and develop taste for different foods.

Travel - develop taste for different foods

8. Add more fun to life. travel and fun

9. Meet new people; make new friends (it also improves your communication skill). travel and make new friends

10. Accept the differences. Travel - accept cultural differences

11. Be bold. Dare to adventure. Travel, paragliding, Himachal Pradesh

12. Try new things – things that you’ve never thought of doing before. travel, try new things, surfing, snorkeling, elephant safari

13. Be organized (to be in control).

Travel, backpacking, organize

14. Plan (the tour) and follow the plan. travel plan, plan your tour

15. Feel more confident. Travelling boosts your confidence

16. Try to stay fit. You cannot afford to fall ill while traveling and to travel you need to keep fit. stay fit and keep travelling

17. Contemplate and feel in harmony with Nature. travel and contemplate in Nature

18. And finally, you begin to enjoy coming back home. Travel to come back home

If you have not started yet, don’t worry – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE… it's never too late to travel

What are the other ways travelling can influence your lifestyle? Please feel free to share with us.

Happy journey! 🙂