Drukgyel Dzong: A haunted monastery in Paro

drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan

It was a partly cloudy day when we started for our sightseeing in Paro.

paro, bhutan

By the time we reached Drukgyel Dzong after exploring Kichu Monastery the sky was dark, covered with monsoon clouds.

Drukgyel Dzong was built in the 17th century to celebrate victory of the then king against the invaders from Tibet. It is a deserted monastery for years now after it was destroyed in fire in the 1950s. It looked more like a haunted place to me… perfect for shooting horror movies. 😛

drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan

The dilapidated walls and tall structure looked even gloomier against the dismal sky.

drukgyel dzong, paro, monastery, haunted

Our driver told it was a small trek of about 15 minutes up the hill to the main entrance of the monastery. Although the drizzle started as soon as we reached there and most of my companions decided not to go out as it will rain soon, I readily jumped out of the car in search of some mystery. 😉

way up the monastery, drukgyal dzong, paro

A giant prayer wheel at the foot of the hill,

prayer wheel, buddhist prayer wheel, paro, bhutan

and the colorful prayer flags hung over our head looked welcoming at first.

drukgyel dzong, paro, paro sightseeing

But this canine guard gave a grave look at me as I stepped into its territory.

dog, at drukgyal dzong, paro, bhutan

As I kept walking I could see there was no one except me and my friend. An eerie silence prevailed all over the place. The rustling pines in the cold wind amplified the silence further.

drukgyel dzong trek, paro, bhutan

The stoned pathway led to stone steps. We stopped for a moment to breathe some air.

staris, drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan

We climbed up the spiral stairs to find what was in store for us… and Drukgyel did not disappoint us. 🙂   paro, bhutan, paro sightseeing

Finally we reached at the main gate of the monastery.  Drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan

A glimpse of the outer courtyard through the half-open door was quite dramatic. Inside, it looked like a fortress with thick brick walls with openings to keep watch over the valley.

drukgyel dzong, paro, bhutan

The burnt windows, broken walls and the mysterious darkness inside gave an uncanny feeling as if something evil was waiting inside.

drukgyal dzong, paro

Well… I don’t believe in ghosts… but as my friend constantly forbade me to step inside I thought I should honor her wish… 😛   😀

at drukgyel dzong paro

So, how do you like the story of the haunted monastery? 🙂  Do share your thoughts.

P.S: This is Part VII of my Bhutan Tour Photo Essay Series. You can also check out the previous posts of this series for more photos and information on Bhutan travel.